As a Technology driven Projected Capacitive touch screen design company, RockTouch never stop in investing our time and resource to provide to our customer the best product for specific industrial application field.

RockTouch’s R&D team provides product with very high end performance become the reference designs for industrial market.
Since the launch of our first product line in 2012, we was the pioneering n first company provide standard cover lenses with 6 mm thickness in Projected Capacitive Field.

RockTouch decision to integrate the Controller together with the Film construction, is driven by technology himself because we aim to provide the best performance.

Mostly of Touch Screen Manufacture they just want to provide the Touch Sensor, and then let customer choose the Controller to drive the sensor, or suggest different controller based on customer target price.

Due of the Projected Capacitive structure, if you want to have your touch bring the best performance the sensor design must follow the IC controller guideline.
RockTouch sensor are designed to match our custom scalable Chip on Flat controller design to bring the best and safest performance for the industrial application.

The firmware customization based on customer requirement, will bring TOP performance to satisfy the customer application requirements.

Firmware customization is also a key point to provide to our customer the feeling needed during daily operation.