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The Chip On Flat Design (COF)

Why Rocktouch use a COF design and not External Controller on all the sizes between 7"W up to 21.5"W?

An external controller is big especially for small sizes (like 7"W, 10.1"W etc) but it can be enough for medium sizes.

At Rocktouch we evaluate different solutions, and at this stage for A,X and H2O lines we decide to go for COF from 7"W up to 21.5"W because we think customers they like to have compact design and also like fast and rugged plug in solution for industrial application. Few pins for connection and big Pitch for easy insertion without the needs to plug in 30... up to 120 pins with very small pitch, using our COF customer only need to plug in one flat with 6 pins only and 1 mm pitch,easy and fast solution.

Main features of Rocktouch Chip On Flat are:

  • Embedded COF design to fulfill all our sensor design between 7"W up to 21.5"W
  • All COF between 10.1"W up to 21.5"W have the same pinout with 6 pin and 1 mm pitch
  • A line have 2 fixing holes, X/H2O line have 4 fixing holes, the 2 holes in the center have same position
  • We add a stiffener to make strong resistance once the Flat is insert into the ZIF Connector
  • COF is soldered and fixed by UV glue on the Cover lens glass (strong bonding adhesion)
  • X Line and H2O line use special advanced SUS material on the back side for stronger grounding
  • 3 interface available such as I2C, USB and Serial (1 selectable per time)

Best Scalability over all the sizes and also between product lines.

Due of the Projected Capacitive structure, if you want to have your touch bring the best performance the sensor design must follow the IC controller guideline.
RockTouch sensor are designed to match our custom scalable Chip on Flat controller design, to bring the best and safest performance for the industrial application.

The firmware customization based on customer requirement, will bring TOP performance to satisfy the customer application requirements.