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Custom Cover Lens

One of the main strength of Rocktouch Projected Capacitive is the endless possibility of the Cover Lens customization.
With Rocktouch's collaboration with Top Tier glass manufactures, Rocktouch provides his customers with a wide choice 
of glass designs.
Here on the following animation we just want to give you an idea of the possibility and combination available.

Many design options are as follows :

Glass Thickness and Technology:
+ Different glass thickness from 0.4 mm up to 10 mm Glass.
+ Chemically strengthened, semi tempered, Fully Tempered, Gorilla glass, Dragontrail glass, dark  glass.

Printing Types:
+ Different Printing Technology such as PMMA Printing and Ceramic Printing
+ A Wide Range of colors, just provide the Pantone number and we will create the solution for you
+ A special printing Types such as 3D effect printing and shade printing
+ Semi transparent printing for special buttons or sensors

Shapes and Cuts:
+ Different type of chamfer and border cut (Round, square, 45 degree etc...)
+ Matt and Polish Borders
+ Holes

Surface Treatments:
+ Anti Reflective
+ Anti Glare
+ Anti Finger Print
+ Anti Bacterial
+ IR and UV cut
+ Privacy Filter