Rocktouch Products are specific developed for following Industry:

Industrial - Hmi - Automotive - Marine - Home Automation - Medical - Fitness - ATM - Digital Signage

In 2012 we was the first touch screen manufacture develop a Pcap with 6 mm Cover Glass.
Up to today we have 4 different product lines as follow:

 + A LINE featuring: Standard Film, 2 fingers with front glass up to 6 mm.
 + XcalibuR LINE featuring: Border Less Film, up to 10 fingers, High SNR, Palm Rejection, Gloves, Water Rejection and Air Gap      
 + XcalibuR H2O LINE featuring:Border Less Film, up to 10 fingers with special full water feature for outdoor application.
 + S LINE featuring: Border Less Film, up to 10 Fingers, Strong air gap, and able to support 20 mm of front cover glass

As an industrial manufacturer, we ensure our customers high product quality and technological innovation by providing our customers with backward compatibility for our products.

No matter how we innovate we always try to maintain our embedded mechanical compatibility, as we prove in the past 4 years.