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During the Years RockTouch create different product lines to reach different performance requested by the market.

With an out of the box thinking RockTouch creates each new line with a mechanical backward compatibility, in this way we allow customer to try different technology without changing them mechanical design.
This is a very helpful and key point for industrial customer not only from budget point of view but also provide a great flexibility in terms of design

RockTouch is also the only company develop the Embedded Concept (patented) to fulfill a wide range of applications.

In the last few years RockTouch actively develop 4 different product lines, as you can see in the following resuming table: A line, XcalibuR Line (X), XcalibuR-H2O line (H2O) and the S line.

On the following Table you can see the different Lines divided with the main features are possible to achieve, with this table will be easy to select the RockTouch product line based on your requirements.

At the following Table you can see the Standard Part number we can provide to distributors and customers, semi custom and full custom solution are also available

Note: to select the interface you need please add the following letter to the part number:
 - U for USB Interface
 - I for I2C interface
 - RS-232 for Serial Interface
Some part number will need MOQ.