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Rocktouch provide also some important accessories to connect to your application all the Projected Capacitive product line from 7"W up to 21.5"W.

The up and running Kit is composed by:


Is a PCB with his own Plastic enclosure, at the top side you plug in the 6 pin Flat connector coming out from any Rocktouch size between 10.1"W up to 21.5"W from any Family line A, X, and X-H2O.
2 Holes with help customer to fix the COF on your mechanical and avoid any accidental unplug caused by vibration or transportation issue.


Then on the other side you can just plug in one of the 4 optional cable as follow:

 - USB 180 cm long male cable
 - USB 40 cm short Female cable
 - RS-232 180 cm long Cable
 - RS-232 40 cm short Cable

With this kit you will have your own solution up and running in few minutes.

On the right side you can see all the possible accessories available.
For any additional information please contact us or our distribution channels.