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Our Software Teams has been developing and customizing our tools, co-working with Leading IC manufacture, to provide accessible features for our customers


RockTouch Utility Tool

A great advantage is to enable our customers to setup his own feeling on the touch product, with a set of parameters such as sensitivity, Edge Compensation, etc.

Touch Firmware for mass production must be approved by our Software teams.


Firmware Update Tool

This tool, will enable customer to update the Firmware of the touch screen, directly on a single machine, during mass production process for fine tuning.



RockTouch can provide different drivers based on different operating systems and interfaces. In case drivers are not available, we are able to provide the protocol to enable the touch function under them specific OS.

RockTouch offers comprehensive touch screen software support to our customers. Our team of experienced developers can assist with custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs. For more information, please contact us to discover the degree of support RockTouch can offer to your company.

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