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Leading The Touch ReVolution

RockTouch was founded in 2012 as a technology-driven projected capacitive touchscreen solution company. In-house development is our strength and with our patented embedded design, we offer the best product on the market.


Our technology enables the end user to have the best and safest interaction experience between human and machine.


Thank you to our sister company FutureLabs (, which has expertise in lamination technology with displays, we can offer a customized product to meet your needs.


We are the provider of Look & Feel.



We Focus our Product Design to fulfill your application, Customer First!

Application Industrial 1.jpg
application medical 1.jpg
application automotive 1.jpg


Industry 4.0 Interface

Smart Manufacturing device will need high-quality touch screen interface able to sustain a clear input even in noise environment. Day in and day out, we work hard to make sure our standards not only remain, but are continuously pushed higher to satisfy new requests.


For The Best Safety

We have strict standards when it comes to our manufacturing process, and never settle for less. We’re constantly innovating and improving to meet the latest needs of our clients, and do whatever it takes to ensure complete satisfaction.


Automotive - Marine - Avionics

Dashboard application will need a cutting edge technology to be able to fulfill high requirements in terms of ESD and EMC testing. Rocktouch can provide touch solution to be able to fulfill the stronger requirements.

Application Retail 1.jpg
Application Home automation1-3small.jpg
application outdoor.jpg


Fast Input For Fast Payment

Our touch screen offers a fast and reliable point-of-sale system interface that is easy to use and customize. It is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of retail businesses types.


Design And Style At Your Fingertips

For Home Automation our Touch Screen can be designed to bring style and convenience for the customer living space. Its sleek, modern design is sure to complement any décor with the best glass technology available in the market, while its responsive technology ensures a smooth, intuitive experience.


Weather Is Our Challenge

RockTouch brings together the best of touch screen technology with UV-Cut film and optical bonding capabilities with FutureLabs Spectrum Bonding technology to create the perfect touch solution for even the most rugged outdoor experiences. From charging stations to kiosks, RockTouch is the perfect choice. Learn more about our recent projects today.

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